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Minidigger and Skid Loader EUROCOMMACH

ESK 150.5

Machine weight: 6063 lb
Engine power: 64,4 HP (48 kW)
Operating load: 1499 lb

General Technical information Gallery

Standard equipment

CUMMINS 201 in³ 64,4 HP DIESEL engine - water cooled.

Hydrostatic transmission with double, variable pump.

Front bucket, capacity 0,50 yd³.

Bucket cutting width 61 in.

Equipment and buckets quick coupler.

Front hydraulic arrangement with block (15,9 gpm).

Bucket balance system standard (only when lifting the arm).

Reverse gear warning buzzer.

Tyres 10-16.5.

Homologation for road traffic (Italy only).

Magnet mount flashers.


Buckets and teeth
4 in 1 front grab bucket width =61 in. with teeth
68,7 gal. front mixer bucket complete with hopper
Series of teeth for front bucket with screw fasteners
Front bucket teeth cover blade for flattening L = 61 in
Front bucket additional blade (to apply instead of the teeth) L= 61 in
Hydraulically angled front excavation blade L=82,7 in (*) 
30° hydraulically oscillating dozer excavation blade L=82,7 in (*) 
Pallet forks with plate and protection (*)
Snow blower width =59,1 in. with electric chute (requires additional plant)(*)
Planers (all require additional plant)
Asphalt planer with hydraulic conveyor and max dig-depth of 5,9 in. and width of 15,7 or 17,7 in (*)
Asphalt planer with wheel excavator, max dig-depth of 17,7 in. and width of 5,1 in (*) 
Hydraulic depth adjuster with electric diverter
Water tank, complete with sprayers, to install on the roll-bar
MANTA hydraulic sweeper bucket width = 61 in (*)
Lateral brush for sweeping bucket
Water tank, complete with sprayers, for sweeper
353 lb. demolition hammer with drill (*)
Chain ditch digger 
Hydraulic chain dig-depth of 23,6 in. or 33,5 in. and width = 4,7/7,5 in (*)
Drilling machine
Hydraulic Drilling machine with drill bits from 5,9 in. to 19,7 in. in diameter
Extensions for drills (39,4 in)
Hydraulic fork for forage width =55,1 in 
Grader levelling machine width =82,7 in. with 35° rotation and 27° right/left inclination
Hydraulic pincers for round balers
Backhoe complete with adjustable distributor in cab with excavation buckets from 9,8 in. to 23,6 in. and ditch-cleaners measuring 31,5 in. and 39,4 in (*)
Anti-puncture systems
4 tyres with type-approved anti-puncture filling material
Elastic-Air anti-puncture tyres 
Pair of Konig 258 snow chains
Glass windows and doors
Right/left roll-bar lateral opening door window kit 
Door kit complete with windscreen wipers and heating
Air conditioner kit
Additional ballast kit bolted laterally (110 lb. each)
The equipment marked with the (*) symbol require additional type-approval for road circulation.

Machine weight 6063 lb
Type of engine

Cummins B3.3NA T4i

Engine displacement 201 in³
Engine power 64,4 HP (48 kW)
Consumo 285 gal/hr
Maximum width 61 in
Maximum height with canopy or cab 78 in
Max height at the bucket pin 114,6 in
Unloading height 89,2 in
Bucket capacity 0,50 yd³
Operating load 1499 lb
Tipping load 2998 lb
Max pump capacity 15,9 gpm
Max auxiliary hydraulic system capacity (single/double effect) 15,9 gpm
Max High Flow hydraulic system capacity 31,7 gpm
Max working pressure 2756 psi
Hydraulic oil tank 15,9 gal
Diesel tank 19,8 gal
Bucket breaking force 3215 lbf
Transfer speed 1st – 2nd 7,1 mph
Tires 10x16,5