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CityCat 5000:

setting new standards


Maximum manoeuvrability and ingenious design

Compact dimensions and four-wheel steering give the CityCat 5000 superb manoeuvrability and maximum stability. These qualities combine with the front-mounted brushes for efficient and effective cleaning. From motorways, main roads and side streets to city centres, pedestrian precincts, bus stops, narrow passageways and recreation areas, the CityCat 5000 is ideally suited to a huge range of applications, making it exceptionally cost-effective to operate.



Basic diagram CityCat 5000

This figure shows the flow of air from the suction nozzle through the hopper and out through the exhaust duct at the back of the vehicle. Two water pumps feed clean water to the spray jets fitted to the sweeping brushes, the suction nozzle and the suction pipe. The used water is filtered and then fed to the suction nozzle to ensure optimum dust suppression.

Four-wheel steering

Four-wheel steering makes the Bucher CityCat 5000 extremely manoeuvrable and stable in operation, delivering the perfect combination of active safety and ride comfort.


The stainless steel hopper boasts a huge payload capacity allowing exceptionally long sweeping distances.

Screen area

The large screen area ensures superior suction at all times. Operated by a hand pump, the robust screen can be lowered to the service position for quick cleaning.

Excellent coverage

Infinitely variable positioning of the entire sweeping unit to either side provides the best coverage. Mounted on trailing linkages, the side brushes and suction nozzle are protected from damage when hitting objects.

Front brush

A third brush can be added to the Bucher CityCat 5000. This makes it easy to clean around obstacles or on two levels and significantly extends the CityCat 5000’s sweeping path.

Side brush tilt

With the hydraulic side brush tilt adjustment, even the most stubborn dirt doesn’t stand a chance. The brushes will follow every irregularity in the road surface.

High dump

Raising the hopper allows the debris to be tipped into large containers, skips or directly into refuse collection vehicles, dramatically increasing efficiency.


The flexible 360° swivel wanderhose is the ideal accessory for getting into hard-to-reach places and picking up leaves and other debris quickly, effortlessly and efficiently.

High pressure water system

The high pressure lance makes removing hard-packed dirt just as easy as cleaning walls and facades: all it takes is a little water and a lot of pressure.

Ride comfort

Leaf springs work optimally together with shock absorbers for excellent suspension comfort and maximum stability.

Active safety

A hydraulic dual-circuit brake system with generously dimensioned disc brakes on front and rear axles provides optimum responsive deceleration for the CityCat 5000.

Low-emission engine

The vehicle is simple to operate using the steering wheel, foot pedal and convenient joystick. All joystick functions are self-explanatory and intuitive to use.

Comfortable operation

All instruments in the cab are ergonomically arranged and simple to use. The adjustable steering column allows easy access and a good operating position.

Joystick brush control

The joystick is used to actuate and control all brush functions.

Weed brush

The weed brush is the environmentally friendly solution for removing weeds, pulling and sweeping them up in a single pass without the use of chemicals.

Street wash system

Ample pressure allows market squares, building sites and pedestrian precincts to be washed down and left spotlessly clean. This system uses the large debris hopper as a water tank.



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