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OptiFant 8000

With its robust construction to meet the toughest challenges, its superior suction and sweeping performance and its high capacity hopper and water tank, the OptiFant 8000 is the perfect truck mounted sweeper for heavy-duty work around road construction and repair sites and for cleaning motorways. High efficiency and cost-effectiveness, low noise emissions and a wide variety of options also make it ideal for municipal applications.

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OptiFant 8000

the innovative solution for tough applications



Robust and powerful

Bucher Municipal’s truck mounted sweepers are optionally available with either fully hydrostatic or semi-hydrostatic drives. Their large stainless steel water tank and capacious fuel tank provide more

on-station time, even in heavy duty applications. An ingenious brush system facilitates spotless cleaning of surfaces right up to kerbs, even in less accessible areas such as parking bays or narrow bends.

The innovative solution for tough applications.
  • Alternatively two-engines or hydrostatic driving concept
  • Modern engine technology
  • Optimum hopper construction for maximum net volume
  • High suction performance
  • Ease of service and maintenance


Basic diagram CityFant 8000

This functional diagram shows the air flow from the suction nozzle through the hopper and out through the exhaust duct on the hopper roof. The water flow for the low pressure system is also shown..

Powerful power pack

The high-performance, low-emission engine and hydraulically driven fan form a compact and efficient power unit.

Rugged chassis frame

Built from rugged welded steel components, the robust frame provides maximum stability and torsional rigidity.

Corrosion resistant hopper

The high capacity, hydraulic tipping hopper is constructed from corrosion resistant stainless steel as standard.

Robust sweep gear

The leading arm channel brushes are controlled pneumatically. When extended, the sweep gear is always within clear view of the operator.

Variable sweeping path – telescopic pick-up unit

A pneumatically retractable, telescopic pick-up unit is available as an option, also for mounting on the left-hand side, to obtain the best cleaning results around tight bends, on narrow sections of road or when picking up leaves.

Front-mounted brush unit

Especially designed for effective sweeping in corners and hard-to-reach areas, the unit can also be fitted with weed brushes and a variety of other frontmounted rotary brushes.

Integrated fuel tank

An additional fuel tank supplies the auxiliary engine independently of the chassis fuel supply to maximise productive time on-site.

Large water tank

An extra large clean water tank with a capacity of more than 2150 litres provides an abundant supply of water, considerably increasing on-station work time.

Protected system controls

A robust locker protects pneumatic and hydraulic system controls for the sweep gear and the electrical water system controls, allowing operation in the most extreme conditions.

Multi-position safety prop

The multi-position automatic hopper prop maximises operator safety and allows the hopper to be tilted to various angles.

Compact high pressure washing system with hand lance

The compact high pressure washing system with a hand lance is ready for use in seconds, either for street cleaning or for washing down the machine after a hard day’s work.

PSS – a Bucher Municipal exclusive

The Programmable Sweeping System (PSS) control unit is mounted centrally. Controls are arranged ergonomically and are quick and easy to understand.

Fast dumping

The hopper door opens wide for fast and full load discharge.

Separate control pod

A separate, compact control pod with a joystick is

mounted conveniently at hand by the right-hand

driver’s door for easy operation of all the key sweeping


Remote-controlled hopper

The standard equipment provided with the truck mounted sweeper includes a separate cable remote control, allowing the operator to control all hopper functions safely out of harm’s way.